Freelancers and Entrepreneurs: Top Ten Reasons for Creating and Sending Out a Regular E-Newsletter
By Chris King

It is amazing to me how few independent professionals, free agents and freelancers have ever sent out an E-Newsletter. Of the many marketing strategies I have tried and used, I can attest to the fact that my eclectic E-Newsletter, Portfolio Potpourri -- which recently reached its fourth anniversary -- has brought me the most and best business.

Yes, it takes discipline, work, consistency, persistence and commitment.

But it is all worth it for the following top ten reasons:

  1. A well-written e-newsletter about your business topic(s) will establish you as an expert.
  2. It is a great way to build relationships. Remember, for someone to buy from you, or hire you, they must know, like and trust you. Created with that in mind, your e-newsletter will accomplish this.
  3. An e-newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with prospective, new and current clients on a regular basis. It serves as a reminder that you are here for them when they need you and/or your product(s).
  4. It is the most cost-effective way to direct market to customers. Warning note: my feeling is that it is OK to do some selling. Just donít overdo it. I do receive one e-newsletter daily and love it because it is filled with rich and useful content. If I start getting obviously sales oriented e-mails (they donít even qualify as e-newsletters) often, I will unsubscribe quickly.
  5. An e-newsletter can give a reason or reasons for readers to return to your website and/or sites. I always feature clickable articles as an incentive.
  6. It has been established and proven that the majority of people on the Internet are seeking information -- enlightening, inspiring and thought provoking. So, by making sure that you are providing this in your e-newsletter, they will stick with you.
  7. Through asking for and receiving feedback from your readers, you will get ideas for your upcoming issues and your website(s).
  8. You will grow your distribution (mailing) list -- important for future mailings and offers. The larger your list, the more chances for Joint Venture opportunities with other Internet marketers.
  9. By creating and writing on a regular basis, you will gain experience that will serve you well when you are adding content to your website(s) and info-products.
  10. A regular, successful e-newsletter will not only provide confidence and self-esteem for you, it will also be FUN! Despite the work involved, I look forward to creating my e-newsletter, and always learn something new from doing it.

So, donít hesitate. Start right now.

Chris King is an entrepreneur, professional speaker, storyteller, writer, website creator / designer, free agent, and fitness instructor. Sign up for her eclectic E-newsletter, Portfolio Potpourri, at You will find her information-packed E-book How to Leave Your Audiences Begging for MORE! at and her business website at

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