Building An Algorithm-Proof Site Part Three

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What is an algorithm-proof site? Technically, thereís no such thing. Since we donít know exactly what the search engine formulas for ranking are, from that standpoint we canít really be sure that our site wonít drop out of the search engines with every update.

For our purposes, an algorithm-proof site is one that seems to stay in the top five rankings for a desired keyword term through each search engine update. These sites never seem to lose their rankings no matter what happens. And if youíve recently lost your search engine positions, or are starting a new site, this is the type of site you will want to have.

So since we know that some sites are standing the test of time in the search engines, we can study those sites to see what their secrets are - what are those sites doing that yours isnít?

In short : Is there a secret to building an algorithm-proof site?


Will I tell you what it is now?


Will you like the answer? Maybe. That really depends on whether or not you *understand* the answer.

If you "get it", you'll be overjoyed. If you don't, you'll be puzzled. (Should that happen, you may want to read the entire article series on this topic.)

And weíll come to that momentarily. First, here are 7 tips for an algorithm-proof site that you can think about when building your plan.

1. Incorporate authoritative linking as part of your search engine traffic plan.

That's not to say that you should completely abandon reciprocal linking, however, you may begin to find, that a mix of linking strategies is your best bet.

2. Realize, at the same time, that links aren't necessarily the end in and of themselves - they are more of a measure of your progress.

Being out for any and all links, or even the best links, isn't going to do it for you alone. For small business sites to small corporate sites, they aren't the only thing to focus on.

3. Create relationships between the content you want to be listed for and each of the public documents at your own site.

Keywords count. Just don't overdo it, though. Think more like - if I had to work these phrases into a conversation out loud, how would they fit without making me sound like an idiot?

4. Also create relationships between each of the public documents at your site, and similar documents at other sites. But don't cheat.

These need to be real remote references to your site, and in context as much as possible.

5. Employ more than one method to build those relationships, then continue to build on these and expand once established.

It is, in part, a (link) popularity contest, and you're not winning if everyone has the exact same thing to say about you - it makes the machines that are evaluating your site think that you're cheating.

6. Get your foot in the door first, and it will be much easier to work the rest of your site in.

In other words - discover the easiest road into the search engines and build on that. There's some term that is directly related to the term you want to rank for that is easier to rank for - especially if youíre blogging it may only take you a few days or weeks to show up for that term.

With a more competitive area, it will take longer to find that keyword phrase, but keep looking. Itís worth it both to get short term search engine results and as part of your long-range plan.

7. Realize that you may see faster results by focusing on content deficits, but long-term results don't happen overnight - unless you buy them.

If you really want that first page position for your favorite keyword tomorrow, then it may be worth it to find out whether the effort to do so naturally will actually be profitable. You could try buying some limited quantity of it, say, $100 worth of your keyword, or whatever adds up to a small sampling of 250 visitors.

Next, point it towards what you hope will convert to sales - If it's not bringing the results you want then getting it naturally may not be worth your time either. (Of course, the problem could also be with whether the page converts well, but thatís another discussion.)

Building an algorithm-proof site is about building a relationships between documents and topics. This doesn't just go for the documents at your site, or remote documents, keywords, links or optimization. Itís like getting the best sound from your stereo by adjusting your graphic equalizer settings - thereís more than one way to get perfect sound.

In the end, the secret to building an algorithm-proof site is that There Isn't Just One secret. If you can really focus in and understand that one thing about search, your headaches about getting better search engine results may go away permanently.

The secret to better search results that are long-term is in understanding search from both the analytical and philosophical sides, and incorporating the knowledge you build into a comprehensive plan.

Tinu Abayomi-Paul is a website promotion specialist focusing on website visibility solutions for businesses. IYou can read parts one and two of this series, as well as free guides on linking and keyword research at .

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