What You Need to Consider When Adding Audio & Video to Your Website
By Matt Bacak

Adding audio or video to your website can play a major role in increasing your conversion rates. Your visitors will be able to engage in your website in a way that static web pages cannot offer. By having videos and audio files, you can more readily personalize your message even more adding the big "T" factor to the equation... T as in TRUST. If you can gain the trust of your visitors they will become your loyal viewers or listeners and look forward to your next personalized message to them.

However, audio and video not only add a personal touch, they also can help save time for your visitor. With the ever increasing demands on your time in this era, having information you can listen to or watch rather than read makes the experience even more relaxing and rewarding to your visitor. By establishing this comfort level with them, you're already on the road to gaining their trust and loyalty. These two things play a major role in your sales.

But the question remains, what's the best software to use if you want to add video and audio to your website? Well, if you've noticed a lot of the videos and audio files that I have been sending out are created using Audio Acrobat. This is a very simple program and it's extremely popular among online webmasters and marketers. However, I do use a third party service. The reason is I do this is because if I did put the large audio or video files on my server, a lot of times it will bog things down. However, I highly recommend using a third party storage provider. One really good one is Amazon Cloud. You can use Amazon Cloud to store your videos and your audios and stream it from there to make things a lot simpler for you.

I'd suggest not using your own website. Using a third party service is a much better option because it won't bog down your server. You have to also realize that the audio and video on your site will definitely increase the amount of traffic you're getting. If you're producing good quality stuff, it will become very viral and you'll get a ton of hits on it which would take up way too much bandwidth. So I personally recommend getting a third party service.

My experience should be an indicator of what to do. I guess it's just based upon my experience that I can share the best options with you. Actually, I'm even spending $2,500 a month on a lot of my hosting - granted, I've got a lot of different sites out there. But I still don't even use my own hosting account to do it. I still use third party services and I recommend you do too if you're adding audio and/or video to your website.

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