Look Out - Another Internet Employment Scam
By M. Allen

Another Internet employment scam has reared its head again lately. Scammers will find any way and try anything to separate you from your money. Like most online propositions (sales, investments, etc.), employment offers or opportunities should be approached with skepticism until the source of the offer is verified.

This particular scam breaks down like this. A company will offer either a position or offer a service to find you a job (sometimes called a headhunter). The company will then either email you or give you access to an online job description and application. You then fill out the job application and wait to hear back from them regarding your prospects.

These steps, so far, are not unlike any real world application process. Thousands, if not millions, of times a month people are applying for jobs and employers are soliciting job applications. The waiting for word back from the employer is sometimes the hardest part. Many people are applying for their dream job, or a job that will allow them to provide better for themselves and/or their families. The fact that scam artists are out there taking advantage of people who are in need of work or want to better their employment position is reprehensible.

Where the application process departs in our scam scenario is here. There is no company. There is no job. There is no employer. The goal of the scammer is to get your personal information. Some, but not all, job applications ask for more than the basic contact information, they ask for additional information like your Social Security Number. If you provide your name and Social Security Number to a scammer you are allowing them the chance to steal your identity. They could use this information to get multiple credit cards, lines of credit, or loans in your name; leaving them with free money and you with unpaid bills and a major headache. Though it is possible to reverse the problems caused by identity theft, don't bank on it being an easy process. Identity theft can cause both short and long-term financial hardships for both you and your family.

Protect your identity, and through it your financial stability and good name, by being very careful and taking extra steps to verify the background of employers and companies soliciting their supposed need of workers. Don't let your need or desire for a new job allow you to play into the hands of scammer waiting to steal your money, and more. Scammers stop at nothing to separate you from your money, you should stop at nothing to protect your identity.

Mark Allen provides the knowledge you need to protect yourself from a computer virus, spyware, and Internet scams at: http://saferemails.com Don't let scammers separate you from your money, check out the Scam Alert Blog at http://saferemails.com/scamalert

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