MP4 Player Buyers guide

by Steve Alfred

As of late, Mp4 players have taken the Electronics market by storm, edging out mp3 players due to their enhanced capabilities.Searching the internet for good quality Mp4 Players can be tricky due to the large variety of MP4 players available. This guide will help to outline the important factors people need to consider before purchasing an Mp4 player.

1. Firstly, the internal memory size of an mp4 player is obviously an important factor.This will determine the amount of videos,movies and mp3 songs the mp4 player will be able to store.Mp4 players come in sizes ranging from 256MB to 10GB. The bigger the storage the better. Also some models may the have the option of flash memory.

2. Secondly, The battery life is also a very important feature, because it determines the amount of time the mp3 player will function properly. Always make sure that the mp4 player comes with an AC/DV adapter which will allow you to recharge it quickly. Most MP4 players today come standard with these adapters.

3. The size of the MP4 player is the next factor.There are different sizes of mp4 players. Some have larger screens than others, the inclusion of video playback and recording capability and others.The LCD screens of MP4 players commonly come in sizes of 1.8",2",2.5" and 3".Once again the bigger the LCD screen on the MP4 player,the better the viewing quality.The price tends to increase with LCD screen size increases but it's worth paying a bit more for a quality MP4 player, even if it burns a small hole in your pocket.

4. The next factor we will talk about is AV/IN and AV/OUT capabilities with Line in recording. It is important to make sure the MP4 player you wish to purchase supports at least one or both of these ports( dependant on your needs) . It should also support both NTSC and PAL.This feature will allow you to playback video images or movies from the MP4 Player onto your TV screen as well as allow you to record TV programs or movies onto your MP4 player.

5. The next factor is USB connection speed to the PC, which affects the rate at which you can upload movies,images and audio mp3's from your PC to the MP4 portable device.The latest models today commonly support high speed USB 2.0 transfer. Others also support Firewire.

6. Mp4 players may have other features such as an FM tuner ,audio recording capability, small notebook functions etc. It might be worth your while to again check the MP4 player Specs.Also make sure you receive chargers,software converting CD's, AV adapters and earphones etc.These added features usually come standard with MP4 players purchased today.

So at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you Purchase the MP4 player that appeals to you and suits your needs. Prices can stretch very high but its certainly worth getting one which has most of the capabilities mentioned above.

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