Video File Extensions - Where Do You Start?
By Josh O'Connor

Using video is the latest trend on the internet; however where do you start when deciding which file extension? There is no best that fits all; it depends on what you want to do with the video. For the internet you want the lowest size possible without compromising the quality too much.

There are lots of difference video file extensions, too many to list in this article. However here is a bunch of the more common ones.

.AVI - This is called Audio Video Interleaved is windows based and has both audio and file data in the file. .WMV - The abbreviations here stand for Windows Media Video and it can be played on Windows Media Player. .MOV - This file is Apple's creation which can be viewed on QuickTime movie player. .FLV - The file here is Adobe Flash Video, designed specifically for streaming on the internet. .MPEG2 - Moving Pictures Expert Group, this one is quite universal and quite popular.

Where do you start?

Size - Like I said earlier you want to use one that is small enough for people to be able to view on the internet. This puts .AVI out of the equation even though it is good quality, the file size is massive.

Universal - Some of the files require some sort of installation software so you can view the videos.

Overall .FLV would be the one to go for at this moment in time. It is very popular due to the very good compression with quality audio and video remaining intact. The best part is that it is universal due to the fact all computers are installed with flash.

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