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Animals, Birds, Fish and More.
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Page 1
Bear Cooking, Bird, Lion, Parrot, Pig

Page 2
Yellow Bird, Bird with Worm, Cat Sleeping, Cat Running, Cat Playing

Page 3
Beware of Dog, Dog Wags Tail, Duck, Gator Cooks, Fish

Page 4
Happy Dog, Frog on Lily Pad, Penguin, Mouse

Page 5
Hummingbird Bar, Dancing Kitty, Kitty 2, Kitty 3, Lizard Being, Fish

Page 6
Piggy Bank, Running Cheetah, Smoking Caterpillar, Unicorn, Worm

Page 7
Animations created by Patti at (formerly Cyber Island)
Our popular dancing frog, alligator, racoon, turtle, dolphin and eagle.

Page 8
Animations created by Patti at (formerly Cyber Island)
Some more favorites -- swimming shark, tarpon, 3 dolphins, bird button and Bubbles the Pig.

Page 9
Animations created by Patti at (formerly Cyber Island)
More favorites - Crab, Dino, Dog, Bird, Rooster

Page 10
Elephant 1, Elephant 2, Frog, Gorilla, Tiger

Page 11
Greyhound, Bulldog, Bats and Juggling Bear

Page 12
Black and White Cat, Lizard on a Branch, Black Cat Face, White Cat Running, Cow Face

Page 13
Dancing Frog, Dog Walking, Dog Wagging Tail, Duck Painting, Jumping Fish

Page 14
Swimming Fish, Man Fishing, Running Frog, Hippo Bar, Howling Wolf

Page 15
Collection of Cats

Page 16
Collection of Dogs, Cats and Sea Creatures

Page 17
Dogs, Dolphins, Dinosaurs and Birds

Page 18
Sea Creatures

Page 19
An Assortment of Fish

Page 20
Mice, Dragons and Pond Creatures

Page 21
Pigs and Sea Animals

Page 22
Sea Creatures and Snails

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