People Animation
Men, Women, Boys, Girls, Babies and more.
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Page 1
Alien Waving, Clown with Balloons, Cop Chases Motorcycle, Cupid, Demon Computer

Page 2
Little Red Devil, Devil Woman, Eye, Eyes, Lady Waves

Page 3
Groucho, Hula Dance, Jeanne Dances, Jogger, Kissing Lips

Page 4
Lips, Computer Hacker, Man Pacing, Man Waves and Opens Door, Man on Phone

Page 5
Figure Running, Figure Runs Up Walls, Scuba Man, Snorkeler, Surprise Icon

Page 6
Golden Man, Cheerleader, Man Walks Into Computer, Witch

Page 7
Boy Points, Stork with Baby, Baby Face, Baby with Hammer, Baby Crawls

Page 8
Baby with Rattle, Baby Rocks, Baby Walks, Girl Dances, Another Dancing Girl

Page 9
Elf, Elf #2, Girl with Ball, Juggler, Caveman, Caveman #2

Page 10
Girl Bows, Parachute, Skeleton, Girl Blows Kiss, 2 Hula Girls, Juggler

Page 11
Some Favorites from Cyber Island
Chef, Painter, Doctor, Underwater Photographer

Page 12
More Cyber Island Favorites
Fisherman #1, Fisherman#2, Party Man, Frankenstein Gets Shot

Page 13
An Assortment of People

Page 14
A Collection of People

Page 15
More People

Page 16
People Animations

Page 17
More People

Page 18

Page 19
More People Animations

Page 20

Page 21
People Playing Tennis

Page 22

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