Coming Soon - ci-Investigator
The staff at ci-Interactive is putting together a new site called the ci-Investigator to help answer questions and sort out what is fact and fiction on the web. We will also offer resources and contact persons to help fight fraud and unethical web business practices -- check out some of the resources listed below and stay tuned! - report and share information to block and catch hackers and other unwanted traffic.

AVIEN - The Anti-Virus Information Exchange Network - Join this group in the fight against viruses and malware. - a list of resources for reporting computer crime to the appropriate agency.

National Infrastructure Protection Center - investigates unlawful acts involving computer and information technologies.

WildList Organization International - Group of 55 investigators and reporters providing comprehensive information about computer viruses. - Information about computer virus myths, hoaxes and urban legends. Also a section on hoaxes NOT related to computer security.

Another good HOAX resource is HOAXBUSTERS

Latest Computer Virus Threats

W32/MyLife.b@MM is a Medium Risk virus discovered March 21, 2002 -- Email Subject line: bill caricature and an Attachment: cari.scr --Read More

W32/Fbound.c@MM is a Medium Risk virus discovered March 13, 2002 -- Email Subject line: in Japanese -- Read More

W32.gibe@MM -- Gibe arrives via e-mail. The subject is "Internet Security Update" and the body of the message appears to be a message from Microsoft (it is not) --Read More

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Do not open any email attachments -- even if they appear to be from someone you know -- unless you know what the attachment is.

If you believe you have a computer virus and need additional information, visit the Symantec Security Response website for a list of viruses, risk level and removal instructions.

Net Q&A

This section is provided to help explain commonly used internet terms in an easily understood manner -- the information is not meant to be 100% technically exact....

Q. - How can I check who is linking to my website.

A. - If you are hosted at ci-Interactive you can view your Web Trends Traffic Report and check the section titled REFERRERS & KEYWORDS -- this will show you links that are producing traffic to your site.

There are also ways to check directly with each search engine -- With Alta Vista you would type in -- and a list of pages linked to your site that are indexed by Alta Vista will appear -- Example, try my site Patti's Place - go to the Alta Vista search page and type in:
hit SEARCH and several pages of results appear showing links to Patti's Place.

Unfortunately, this is not the same search used in each search engine. At Google you would need to type

At AOL you would need to type

In each case the results will only reflect those sites indexed by that particular search engine and does not mean that those are the ONLY links to your site.

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