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ci-Interactive Search Page - Updated

The All In One ci-Interactive Search Page has updated to include TEOMA, alltheweb and Vivisimo search ability, as well as UPS or FedEx tracking. You can easily make the All In One Search Page your Start-Home Page:
Open Internet Explorer and CLICK on TOOLS (at the top of your browser window) - when the menu drops down, CLICK on INTERNET OPTIONS and SELECT the tab that says GENERAL - the first option will be HOME PAGE with a box to enter the ADDRESS you wish to use for your HOME PAGE. Type in and CLICK OK - whenever you start your computer and open Internet Explorer, the ci-Interactive All In One Search Page will appear.

Clearing your Cache - What is cache? Plus, step by step instructions and screen shots for CLEARING your cache.

Search Engines -
The Good News and the Bad News, the creators of HitBox, the de facto standard for online marketing analytics and optimization, today reported that the percentage of search engine referrals worldwide has increased significantly over the past year. As of Thursday, March 6, 2003, search sites accounted for more than 13.4 percent of global referrals, up from 7.1 percent the previous year, according to WebSideStory's StatMarket division ( read the complete story . . . )

If Search Engine Searches are producing 13.4% of the visitors to web sites, where does the other 86.6% percent of web traffic come from? Several places...

Direct Navigation -- that means someone typed in the website address they were looking for -- a great reminder that you should include your website address:

    on your business cards, letterhead, company vehicles, signs, mailers/post cards, brochures, press releases and newsletters
In general, include your website address in any print advertising you do such as newspaper, magazine or yellow page listings. Also use Email Signatures that include your website address (see our August 2002 newsletter for instructions).

Web Links -- which are text links, descriptions or banner ads found at other websites throughout the internet. This can be accomplished by searching for sites that are related to your website and requesting a listing (if it is offered as a service - look for the Add Your URL or Add Your Website button) - an example would be, a web portal that offers information about islands and island related websites such as island hotels, island attractions, etc. -- there is a button --Add Your URL-- which allows information to be submitted for inclusion. Banner ads or paid listings are available at many portals - prices and terms vary greatly and include yearly listings as well as month to month.

ci-Interactive offers limited advertising opportunities in our 40 regional portals that have over 1 million visitors each month -- for further information please contact Bob Bailey or Kim Kostere (239) 775-4936

The message ... website promotion is not limited to getting listed in the search engines -- following the suggestions above will help maximize traffic to your website.

Club Naples

Does the idea of having fun and saving money at the same time appeal to you? Take a look at Club Naples. Members enjoy savings on restaurants, golfing, travel, spas, hotels and much more -- this is just a sampling:

Angelo's Italian Restaurant - 10% off
Blue Provence - 10% off
Bistro 821 - 10% off
Capri Fish House Restaurant - 10% off
Diva Martini Bar - 15%
El Pampa Argentinean Grill - 15% off
Empire China - 10% off
LaStrolla Gondola - 10% off
Lely Flaminco Island Club - 10% off
Luca Deli - 10% off
Mangrove Cafe - 15%
Noodles Cafe - 10% off dinner
Old Naples Pub - 10% off
Organic Charlie's Cafe - 10% off
Pier 41 - 15% off
SeaWitch Restaurant & Lounge - 20% off
Vincenzo's on the Bay - 50% off 2nd Entree

Join Club Naples - get great discounts - USE ALL YEAR

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