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The Importance of Google Page Rank

From first-hand experience, I know any online company or marketer will get more business offers and be offered more partnerships/joint ventures if you have a high Google PR site than a low one. It will make a difference to your bottom line.

PageRank is important. PageRank has meaning. Even if it has little bearing on your SERPs rankings or Google traffíc, PageRank can greatly influence the success of your online site or venture. Don't ignore or dismiss PageRank as a meaningless relic that didn't quite work out as Google had planned for it in the first place.

High PageRank Will Always Be Valuable read the entire article - click here

WebProNews takes a look at what you need to do to begin optimizing your Web site for the search engines. They talked to several experts in the SEO market including Rand Fishkin of, Brian Mark of, David Brown of Top SEO Consultants, and Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting. All the experts give tips on what to do and what not to do in SEO. Find out what they have to say - view the video below

Improve Email Marketing Results

Call to Action: Each section must contain a specific call to action that avoids vague phrases like "click here." You'll be surprised how an effective call to action button or link can improve your click through rate.

Mix Freebies with Products: Too much selling can burn people out. Engage your subscribers with useful, free content. For example, if you sell home theater equipment, send out an article on the explaining the benefits of newer technologies. When you provide additional value to your customers with learning resources, they are sometimes even willing to pay more for your merchandise. In addition, strategies like this keep your brand top of mind.

Find Your "Tuesday": For the eCommerce sites I've worked with, Tuesday morning has always resulted in the best open, click-through, and conversion rates. However, every company is different.

Same Day, Same Time: Be consistent in the time you send your emails for two reasons. First, the ISPs see inconsistency as a possible SPAM flag. Spammers can care less when they send out mass emails. Second, your customers will begin to anticipate your emails at a certain time each week, possibly increasing the likely hood of them opening and clicking through. more »

Top Search Engines - Oct. 2007 Top 30 Shopping / Classified Websites

July, August and September 2007 - top shopping websites.

Click Here for information provided by

Webhosting Guidelines

When buying web space these are the things to be considered:-

• For dynamic searchable site will database be utilized?

• In a shopping cart, is one going to have a store, selling products online?

• Will one be having UNIX or Windows based hosting?

• For entering sensitive information like social security or credit card numbers safely is secure site (static IP) required?

• Large audio and video files, versus pictures and text only how much space does one require?

• And what difference does share and dedicated hosting have?

The answer to all the above questions can be found below:-

Usually people are not aware of the difference between shared and dedicated hosting. As shared hosting is more affordable and works fine People begins with this. The computer space is sliced up and is “shared" by many small sites in a shared hosting environment. If one is selling online range of shared hosting varies from a few dollars a month for a simple site to as much as $30-50/mo on the other hand the price of Dedicated Hosting begins at $59 and can go up to $200/mo and can go even higher.

One will have to move to dedicated server if the site becomes very popular and many transactions starts happening. When all the computer’s resources are allocated to ones site alone it is termed as dedicated. If one does not know the configuration of server then technical assistance from an IT employee would be required.

Data center operations of ones hosting company will be monitored by this technical expert he will also make certain that data is backed up and protected by firewalls. Process of computer being "hacked" by unauthorized people is protected by firewalls.

"Managed dedicated servers" is an up-and-coming trend which can also be considered. In "managed dedicated servers" the host helps managing the servers’ daily operation, in order to help the apprentice operator.

One has to decide upon UNIX or Windows in both shared and dedicated hosting. This comparison is done with people’s preference to Ford or Chevrolet. Some get used to one as they grow up and prefer just that for few reasons while others know both and try to utilize the best in every more »

Organic vs PPC Search Engine Optimization

WebProNews looks into the issue of what type of optimization is best, organic search engine optimization or pay-per-click advertising.

ci-Interactive periodically offers LIMITED banner advertising opportunities in our travel and tourism internet portals.

ci-Interactive accepts article submissions for publication on our travel and leisure portals - Authors and travel writers interested in submitting articles should email - Currently our portals include New England, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Islands (worldwide), California, Chicago, Orlando, Miami, Key West, South Beach, Washington DC, Michigan, New York, Southern USA, Eastern USA, Western USA, Northern USA, Midwest USA and Coastal America - Florida Fishing, Florida Golf and Florida Outdoors, and Tropical Island Weddings or Unique Destination Weddings. Sites that will be launched in 2007 are Wisconsin, Tropical Island Spas, Georgia Golf, and Florida Artist's Gallery. Please check our submission guidelines - click here.


Anyone that has downloaded from the internet has likely utilized an FTP application, without even realizing it. But if you are a non–techie and a casual user you may wonder, just what is FTP? What About an FTP client?

Here are the basic definitions of common FTP terms:

File Transfer Protocol; the protocol commonly used to transfer files through a network (including the Internet). Basically, it is a way for you to copy files from one computer to another, commonly used in Peer–to–Peer (P2P) file sharing.

FTP Server
This is a server or computer that waits for transfer requests.

FTP Client
This is the computer that sends a request to the FTP server. Once the request is verified, the FTP client computer can download or upload from or to the server. So, for example by signing in to Apple iTunes you are sending a request to their server, their server verifies your id and permission level, then connects your computer and allows you to download files. more »

Check Page Rank of any web site pages instantly:
This free page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service

Clearing your Cache - What is cache? Plus, step by step instructions and screen shots for CLEARING your cache.

Website Video

When considering web video for your website, you need to look at all the different ways in which a person can benefit from either viewing or offering web video. There are good reasons why web video has become one of the most popular ways of viewing information on the internet. Web video has many purposes- the main one is to hook or grab the attention of the viewer, and entice them to take more »

Optimizing HTML Code for Search Engines

Within the HTML code behind your page, there are things called ‘meta tags’. These are short notes within the header of the code which describe some aspects of your page to the search engines. Although there is some debate over how important meta tags are when it comes to SEO, it’s generally agreed that they shouldn’t be ignored.

Whether you’re building your website yourself, or you’re getting a web designer to do it, it’s a good idea to understand the basics. There are four main meta tags you need to consider:

  1. Title
  2. Keywords
  3. Description
  4. Alt

Following is a bit of discussion of how these meta tags should look and a few tips for writing more »

Linking Practices that Hurt Search Engine Rankings

Quality linking practices are encouraged by the major search engines as an acceptable way of improving site popularity, website traffic and help contribute to higher search engine rankings. As a webmaster you must be wary of engaging in poor linking practices that have the potential to strip your website of its ranking status on the major search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN.

In this two part Article Series we will firstly discuss those linking practices that will find your website penalized by the major search engines, with the most current controversy over 'paid links'. Google has recently penalized several sites with ranking drops for violating its quality webmaster guidelines by selling paid links. This penalty can also be applied to those sites displaying 'paid links' that are considered spam or of low quality by the search engines and provide users with a poor browsing more »

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