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January, 2003
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Calculating Customer Acquisition Cost
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April, 2002
Latest Computer Virus Threats and Global Virus Tracking
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February, 2002
Reliable Web Host - Discount Prices???
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Search Engines and Paid Submissions

Internet Fax Service

Internet or e-mail fax services are becoming very popular with the computer savvy public. The ability to receive and send faxes whenever and wherever you access you e-mail has proven too irresistible for many fax users to ignore.

It's an offer they couldn't refuse. Can you blame them?

No more paper-jams, no more bulky fax machines, no more messy inks, no more busy signals, no more extra phone lines, no more return trips to the office at 10 o'clock at night to retrieve that important fax.

Internet fax is easy, mobile, convenient, accessible and very compatible with most of today's and tomorrow's computer gizmos and gadgets. From cell phones to BlackBerries to ultraportable notebook computers, e-mail fax services will work with all of these contraptions.

Besides, almost every aspect of doing business in our brick and mortar world has been transferred onto the Internet. Faxing services are no different. However, using an Internet fax service has some distinct advantages over the old fashion fax machine/service; mainly the ability to access your faxes anywhere, anytime. This mobility is a big plus for both mobile professionals and ordinary fax users. Being completely connected in a wired world can give any business or company a competitive edge.

But there are so many Internet Fax services to choose from, each with its own features and pricing structures, so just which Internet fax service is right for you? more»

Get a Competitive Marketing Edge with PR Techniques

One of the least understood, most underutilized marketing techniques in the business world is public relations. That fact represents an opportunity for small business owners and managers who are willing to devote a little time to cultivating relationships with reporters and editors in their community.

Advertising is the obvious approach to self-promotion, so a lot of your competition is doing it. Generating free or inexpensive publicity through press releases and media relations is not as commonplace, so it offers a much more uncluttered arena for gaining visibility and name recognition. The 'cost of admission' consists of a newsworthy story and a little insight into how the process more»

How Safe are you Online?

What do the following five online activities have in common? 1. I download and swap music files 2. I visit chat rooms 3. I play online games 4. I buy and sell on eBay 5. I'm researching my family tree

They are not only five of the most common activities that people do online they are also potentially the most dangerous as they expose you to the real risks posed by scam artists, stalkers and worse that look for new victims each and every day.

Are you truly aware of the hidden dangers that lurk online waiting to strike at the unwary? I'm prepared to wager that you're not. It's far more likely that you'll be as blissfully unaware as everyone else perhaps with that mix of ignorance and arrogance that "nothing can happen to you" that makes you an ideal victim!

Perhaps you also think that online security is a bit of an urban myth that has been blown out of all proportion by the media and companies selling security software. Unfortunately, there is a world of stalkers, scam artists and even terrorists working to their own agenda and that agenda includes you or your family.

Luckily, there's something you can do about it right now - but first let's look at what really lurks behind these seemingly innocent more»

Best Blogging Software

The blogging platform wars are getting really interesting and much of the discussion I find myself in lately revolves around what is happening with various CMS systems. The market can essentially be defined into 3 major camps: remotely hosted, self hosted, and community based systems. I have used pretty much every blogging platform available and each of them has its ups and downs. In this article I will cover the best options for each area taking into account price, usability, market share and of course SEO potential.

All of these products are either open source, completely free or have a functional free more»

What is Podcasting?

"Podcasting" is a term coined from the Apple Computer Corporation product - the iPod, which is a portable digital audio device that lets its users store music from their computer to the device so that they can listen to it anywhere, anytime.

However, the term is no longer exclusive to the actual iPod product. It now can mean any software and device system that allows the user to download audio (usually in MP3 format) and store onto the device for the user's listening.

What makes this different from radio or other Web-based media is that podcasts allow users total control over when they access and listen to the audio material. It does so by using the RSS standard or Real Simple Syndication.

The difference from broad and Web casts lies in how the material is created and distributed over the Internet. Instead of a centralized source and stream, podcasting is capable of sending the audio content directly to individual iPods and similar devices.

Podcasting - How To

Podcasting, just like blogs, sits on the Internet but instead of sitting in a written file, it's saved in an MP3 format that can be transferred to any mobile music device like an iPod. A podcast can also be subscribed to through RSS or syndication feeds. If this seems complicated, it's not, the entire process will take you about an hour to set up, if that, and once you do, you're off and running.

Most podcasts require an external mic on your computer, but I've started using a system through Audio Acrobat ( that will allow you to call into a pre- assigned number and record your podcast from anywhere: your office, your car or while on a trip! Then the audio file is saved into the system and sent out via their publication tools to a variety of "feeds," which in essence sends the audio blog out onto the Internet. Now you might wonder how someone will find you and your podcast. Well, you might be surprised. While your first recording might go unnoticed, your second and third will not. Here are some tips for getting the right podcast for you and then getting the world to beat a path to your audio blog door! Topic: First, you want to find a niche and ideally one that ties into your book or message. While topics on religion and gambling are two of the hottest podcasts right now, if your topic doesn't tie into these it's best to stay away from them. Go online to iTunes,, or and see who's talking about your topic and what they're saying, then plan to be different!

Structure: So how will your podcast be structured and how much time should you plan to spend on a podcast? Truthfully, I'd recommend only 10 to 15 minutes. Unless your podcast is truly compelling or in an interview type format, listeners don't usually have the attention span to listen longer. Don't force people to listen to long-winded audios, cut right to the chase, share your information in tip-like, informative nuggets and you'll find listeners subscribing to your podcast like crazy!

Make a plan: If you decide to do this, try mapping out a few podcasts in advance and plan to offer your information on a daily or, at the very least, a weekly basis.

Setting up your podcast page: When you utilize Audio Acrobat for your podcast, you'll be able to include a link to your web site. Remember the idea behind the podcast is promotion, so the URL you send them to should reflect more»

Laptop Security

While computer operating systems today are much more secure than just two years ago, there is still some user management necessary. These operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP are becoming more and more "user friendly" from a security standpoint. Many potential security problems are locked down by default and the user generally does not need to be concerned with implementing them.

However, computer security ("cyber-security"), in general, is still somewhat reactive. Good examples of being reactive are the Anti-Virus products on the market today, for example Norton Utilities by Symantec. While they try to anticipate new types of attacks, they still can not effectively predict specific attacks, because the creators of such attacks are effectively on the "offensive."

Most laptop computers today use Microsoft's Windows XP, SP2 as the operating system. This release has some of the best security features currently available for a computer, but they need to be checked or in some cases implemented by the user. A good example of this is an anti-virus product installed on your laptop. Not only does the Anti-virus software need to be enabled, but the Microsoft XP settings may need to be changed to accommodate the anti-virus changes. It is the user's responsibility to make sure this protection in more»

What is eFax?

Efax or Internet faxing is simply using the Internet to send and receive your faxes. You send or receive your faxes using your email. It is faxing tailor made for our Internet world.

It is faxing done right!

Internet faxing is fast, simple and easy. It is as simple as using your email. It is also very easy to set up, anyone can have an efax phone number and account created within minutes. Plus, you can access your faxes anywhere, anytime. Since Internet fax uses the Internet, you can access it wherever you have the Internet. Nowadays, that's just about anywhere.

Another major reason why efaxing is gaining in popularity: it can be down-right cheap.

For a cash strapped home business owner just setting up shop, it is a very inexpensive alternative to the old fax machine. You save the cost of buying a fax machine, you save the cost of setting up and maintaining an extra phone line, plus you save the cost of all that paper and ink.

If your faxing needs are very minimum, you can have a fax number and account for as little as $20 a year. If your faxing needs are a little more demanding, you can set up an efax account for around $10 a month. For that matter, if you just want to only receive faxes, you can get a faxing account and number for more»

Website Analysis

Web site analysis tools can contribute to design decisions to improve visitors' online experience but also to inform site owners, business owners about the performance of their Web sites. However, in many cases, eBusiness Managers, Webmasters or Web operations managers, start deploying Web site analysis tools just as a 'nice to have' tool. Instead of measuring performance and comparing it to the business objectives, they mostly communicate the raw analysis data to senior management, without any further explications or any recommendations for site improvements. To exploit the value that Web site analysis tools can provide, the following major pitfalls should be more»

Publishing a Newsletter

Publishing a newsletter related to your business is one cost effective way to build a loyal customer base. You keep your subscribers updated about your business, latest offerings, as well as new products and services. Ever heard of the saying: Out of sight, out of mind? So, keep your business visible before your subscribers.

Newsletters also allow you to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Provide your subscribers them with well-written content, useful leads and recommendations. People have to buy into you first before they buy into your products or services. They are more inclined to buy from someone who has been there, done it, and achieved success.

Good information gets distributed. So, a newsletter is a means of viral marketing. Encourage your subscribers to forward or print out your newsletter and recommend it to their family members, friends and more»

Google Guidelines

- Web designers still utilize images as a way of displaying headings or other important areas of text instead of simple HTML simply because they think the Book Antiqua font with a drop shadow improves the aesthetics of the site. While branding and clarity are always paramount, keep in mind that multiple fonts used on the same page can have a negative impact on readability. And the more text written in HTML that can be read by search engine spiders, the better. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) also provide a way of attaining the look you want while keeping the code clean and in search engine-readable format.

- "Make sure that your TITLE and ALT tags are descriptive and accurate." Most webmasters assume that by using keywords in the page title that are relevant to the page's topic, that they are adhering to the rules. But that last word in quotes is the most important: Accuracy. It is standard practice for search engine optimizers to make sure that if a word is used in a page title, that it also shows up in the main body of the page as well. Not doing this means that Google may be interpreting your page titles as inaccurate or at worst, trying to manipulate its algorithm.

- Use 301 redirects to let visitors know if a URL has changed. Many people still use the "meta refresh" command. This is an outdated command that has been utilized in the past for unethical purposes. While visitors can be directed to the new page the same way with either method, Google specifically mentions using a 301 redirect. More information on how to implement this redirect can be read at more about Google Guidelines »

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SEO Basics

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process of getting high placement in search engines at search phrases, relevant to the web content.

Basic of Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization is a compound process of search engine friendly web design, content management, keyword analysis, search engines & directory submission, link popularity, article submission, and internet marketing for increasing more traffics on web site.

How to Increase Site PR? To know the way of how to increase site PR firstly we should know what is PR. Google PR is the way of shows the importance of web page. No anybody can give guarantee that he can give high PR within one day or one week. Obtaining high PR is an ongoing process, which is going step by step. If you are looking for to got high PR then you should consider on these following more»

Clearing your Cache - What is cache? Plus, step by step instructions and screen shots for CLEARING your cache.

Web Traffic Analytics

So, you've got a web site, right? Of course you do! You're reading this article. All day long it sits on a server, sending what you told it to people you'll never meet. Who are they? Where are they come from? How do they get there? What do they do while they're there? When are they doing it? Where do they go? In the paragraphs that follow, I'll help you find more than you ever wanted to know about your web site between the various tools on the market.

The Webalizer

The Webalizer is by far the most common statistics software found in Linux web hosting environments, so we'll start here to lay down the most common features. Webalizer shows its users the total number of hits, files, pageviews, unique visitors, and unique locations in monthly, daily, and hourly graphs and tables.

Webalizer then keeps running monthly totals for error codes, URL's accessed, entry pages, exit pages, unique sites, referrers, web browsers, and search strings used to reach the web site - also providing a "top 10" to "top 30" representation of each angle in a text format. Finally, Webalizer peaks your international awareness by display of a table and pie chart of your visitor's nation of origin; although this tool is not always completely reliable as the nation of origin is frequently more »

Search Engine Optimization: Snake Oil or Science?

It is no hyperbole to say that web site performance can be measured to the person, to the penny. The tools exist to provide every statistic needed for those measurements, to tell you both why something worked and why it didn't, as the case may be. This is the advantage SEO work has over more orthodox marketing methods. A display ad in a newspaper of 200,000 circulation does not get seen or read by 200,000 pairs of eyes, and there is no reliable way to measure exactly how many eyes fell upon it. Such is not the case on the web. Beyond that, newspaper circulation is down dramatically as more and more folks get their news on the Internet. Where do you think your advertisements are better placed today?

It is important to note that ad dollars are moving away from print, radio and television and into the online world. A recently released report underscores this point. Outsell, Inc., an information industry research firm, reports that the surge of dollars into the online sector continues to grow. Outsell's ad-spending study, published in January of this year, was based on a survey for 625 leading advertisers in the US, and revealed that respondents plan to spend more than 18% of their ad budget online in 2006 compared with 16% of their budget in 2005, while cutting back slightly for TV, radio and print. In a recent story published in the Boston Globe, Outsell reported that approximately 80 percent of advertisers currently use the Internet, and the adoption rate is expected to grow to 90 percent by 2008.

Where, then, do you think the eyeballs will go? As if that is not enough, listen to this: the 2004 holiday season saw $19B spent online; the best figures for the 2005 holiday season suggest it was nearly $30B. The Forrester Research Group in Cambridge, MA, estimates online commerce in the US by 2009, only three years from now, will approach $ more»

Successful Blogging

In order to have a successful blog that attracts a lot of visitors and keep them coming back, you need to follow some simple rules. Here are some tips from SEO consultants:

Before you begin blogging, carefully consider what you are going to write about in your blog as there are lots of interesting topics out there, waiting to be discussed. You can find them in every day life, in the media, in the news - anything that attracts attention and a loyal following is good. You can look for blog subjects in many places, the most important being the Internet of course.

Put quality content in your blog. If you have quality content people like to read, they will return to your blog and tell other people about it as well. Posting articles containing useful information on your blog is very beneficial for attracting more traffic. Make sure you add your URL address below your posted article! If other web site owners find your articles useful and decide to include them within the content of their web pages, the added link will contribute to increasing your popularity every time it is hyperlinked.

Update the blog on a regular basis. If you don't do this, visitors will not return and they will move on to reading another blog that is updated more often. You should try to update your blog daily. Many newcomers have blogging fear, fearing their inability to update it daily. If your blog is interesting enough, offer your readers the ability to keep it updated by posting their own personal thoughts and share stories so you won't have to do all the updating work yourself.

Listen to what your readers have to say. Always pay attention to the readers' suggestions and try to find out what people were actually searching for when they found your blog. Try to focus on that theme and even consider developing it by encouraging the visitors to discuss new aspects of that particular theme.

Keep it short and concise - You don't need material that takes hours to read, people usually like to quickly skim a blog for quick tidbits of useful information and if you post materials that are difficult or take a long time to read, you will most likely drive them more»

Google Dance Survival

Google is dancing again! A full tilt all out boogie, a long drawn out rumble somewhere near cursor heaven. My own keywords are going up, down and out the door. Take your pick. Just want the bloody thing to stop. My nerves are shot... three years of hard work may just go down the drain and there's no end in sight!

Fellow webmasters will recognize my slight desperation, my total sense of unease when Google dances. It all has to do with pre-conditioning, psych majors will know this, I am well conditioned to react. I have been burnt horribly by Google dances in the past so my panic is almost palatable. Forget Pavlov's dog, when Google dances, webmasters like me salivates.

And Google is really dancing this time, Jagger has nothing on this baby. Nobody dances like Google, even puts Seinfeld's Elaine to shame. And if you're new to the webmaster's favorite folly, a Google dance happens with Google adjusts its ranking algorithm, causing a ripple effect and adjustments in the rankings of keywords. Sites move up or down. Previous major Google dances have been called Florida, Austin, Bourbon...

When Google dances, webmasters sweat bullets. And it's not all in their heads. It's not psychosomatic. Horror stories abound, about honest hard working webmasters (not a black hat to be seen) suddenly waking up to find their site or sites gone from Google. Thousands of daily visitors/customers to their site vanish in an algorithmic fog overnight. Swift. Brutal. Painful.

Gone, top ranking keywords nowhere to be seen. Gone, visitors, visitors, visitors. Gone, sales, sales, more»

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