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Scumware Revisited

In April 2002 we featured information about SCUMWARE - unwanted software that gets installed on your computer -- also referred to as adware, spyware or parasite. Since that time we have had clients as well as staff members who have been plagued by this problem.

Are you are experiencing any of the following problems with your computer:
- the browser homepage you selected has been replaced by another
- pop up ads appearing repeatedly for everything from prescription medications to pet rocks
- you visit your own website and find popups or ads that you did not put there - maybe even from a competitor??

If you answered yes, you may be a victim of a PARASITE. Not possible, you say...I use antivirus software daily.....WRONG! Most of these parasites are not identified by antivirus software since they work differently than viruses.

One of the best resources I have seen on this subject is You will find detailed explanations on how to identify and remove a long list of parasites, adware, spyware and scumware.

Here is a sample of the type of information you will find at

Excerpts from information about a parasite called BrowserAid:

    BrowserAid is a manufacturer of various Internet Explorer toolbars, most of which seem to be installed sneakily....

    The toolbar opens untargeted pop-up adverts periodically when IE is open. LetsSearch hijacks home page and search settings to point to; QuickLaunch points at

    BrowserAid/FeaturedResults is a search result hijacker. Perform a search at Google and it will pop up a window with no browser controls from, containing advertiser links dressed up to look like Google search results....

    BrowserAid/QuickLaunch and (possibly also LetsSearch) are pointed to by junk e-mails purporting to be an IE toolbar update or virus removal tool from Microsoft. ....." Click Here to read the entire summary including manual removal instructions.

Excerpts from information about a parasite called Bargain Buddy:

    Bargain Buddy consists of an IE Browser Helper Object, and a process set to run at startup... monitors web pages requested and terms entered into forms. If there is a match with a preset list of sites and keywords, an advertisement may be shown. The process can contact its maker's server to download updates to the list of adverts and to the software itself....

    Is included in Net2Phone CommCenter... Click Here to read the entire summary including manual removal instructions.

Andrew Clover, of has put together extremely helpful information on over 100 different parasites.

A Tale of 2 Islands

Last newsletter I promised a look back at area web companies -- let's start by exploring the uses of the WayBack Machine and look at the history of the website - after clicking on the WayBack Machine link you will see a listing of search results starting back in 1996 which gives you a history of If you click on the link which indicates search results for December 22, 1996 you see our site as it was on that date - and by clicking on the service link at the bottom of the page you are taken to the page which indicates that "we are dedicated to being a leader as the internet enterprise moves into the future" along with a selection of some 25 websites we were showcasing at the time.

By continuing to click thru the results for subsequent years you can follow our progression - October 1997 - a growing number of websites featured (click on a few of the links) - our affiliation with MediaOne Express as South Florida content provider....mergers, acquisitions, Dining and Doing, Visitors Television...some programming announcements...classified ad system, shopping carts, membership databases, event calendars, postcard program, instant online client editing features.... then April 2, 2001 - you see a new logo, look and name change - ci-Interactive, formerly Cyber Island.....

While still at the WayBack Machine type in the address and hit the TAKE ME BACK button - you see results dating back to November 1996 for CyberIsland Studios, Ltd. in Washington State - and note the TM symbol - the rest is history and a painful, costly lesson in trademarks -- resulting in our 2001 name change - ci-Interactive.

The WayBack Machine is an internet archive of more than 10 billion pages -- a time machine that allows you to go back and take a look at what was with the click of a mouse.

ci-Interactive -- we started providing internet website design, hosting and marketing before the web was mainstream...we have continued to provide award winning web design, user friendly technology, reliable yet affordable hosting and ongoing successful marketing!

Next Month: A look back at Naples Area web companies that have come and gone -- its all there at the WayBack Machine!

ANTI-SPAM Programs

In January, 2003 - I commented about SPAM and possible solutions - specifically mentioning SpamNet from In May, 2003 SpamNet was reviewed by PC Magazine and won " performance overall...with the highest rate of spam detection...and relatively few false positives." Several of our ci-Interactive staff continue to use SpamNet and are very satisfied with the results. There is a small monthly charge after the free trial expires. SpamNet does not support Outlook Express, but it does support Outlook 2000 and 2002 with Exchange and POP3 connections. Still available for a free 30 day trial download -- $3.99 to $4.99 monthly

MailShell SpamCatcher is another product used by our staff - PC Magazine Editor's Choice, February, 2003. It works with most desktop email applications including Outlook Express, Outlook, Netscape Messenger, and Eudora. Free Trail available - $19.95 yearly.

Another option is MailWasher which offers a free version as well as a pro version -- This program bounces email that you identify as SPAM so that it looks like your email address no longer exists. Runs on Win95 / 98 / Me / NT4 / 2000 / XP / XP Pro

Clearing your Cache - What is cache? Plus, step by step instructions and screen shots for CLEARING your cache.

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